Monday, October 8, 2007

Trail Of Tears National Historic Trail and MTB Access?

The federal government has approved the construction of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, but the legislation does not ensure mountain bike access for the trail as it passes through Tennessee, but there are at least a few sections that have already been opened in Georgia that allow mountain bike traffic.

It is about time mountain bikers start getting involved in this project to ensure mountain bike access to this wonderful historic trail. We need to start organizing in order to show our support for this trail system in Tennessee and to offer our volunteer support to help construct and maintain what will be one of the nation's best trail systems.

At the present time they are conducting a Trail Study and accepting comments regarding efforts to expand the trail system from the two routes designated by Congress in 1987. If the proposal is accepted this would open up two more major routes and several smaller routes in Tennessee.

If mountain bike traffic is allowed, this system would be an incredible asset due to the fact that it not only passes through, but links, three major Tennessee cities. Mountain bike organizations across the state should pull together to help construct this tribute trail as there are already established mountain biker organization in the three major cities the trail passes through.

If mountain bikers sit on the side lines and fail to support the project, logic suggests that it will be more difficult to secure access than if mountain bikers start letting our voices be heard now, and also agree to help construct the trail.

Everyone is encouraged to download the Trail Study News and review the proposed expansion. Download the Complete Study. (pdf file) Review the Trail Study News regarding the proposed expansion.

After you review it please comment on the plan by filing out the comment form noting your support for the expansion and voice your desire to make the trail open to mountain bike acces

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